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VOLUME UP Concept Photos + Information on genres, themes and styles in the album

4minute’s standard style tactics which stirs our expectations

3rd mini album ‘Volume Up’

Hot issue maker ‘4minute’, who always causes a great commotion with each album release in South Korea, will soon be back. Their new mini album 'Volume Up' is a rare case as it contains seven tracks making 4minute's strong will for their comeback stage apparent.

The title song called ‘Volume Up’ was made by S.Tiger and Rado, both of whom have worked with 4minute since their debut, and with the sounds of a saxophone in the song, it delivers a peculiar addictive quality for listeners. The lyrics express in a 4minute style why people love girl groups and their different sides. A lot of appealing and light music has recently dominated the world of singers to win charts; instead, 4minute’s new title song conducts the stories that are hard to broach with its strong sounds. This new title song is very shocking due to how innovative and new it is.

After K-POP syndrome hit, international K-POP fans positioned 4minute as their main favor thanks to 4minute’s song quality; likewise, their other seven songs reflect diverse styles. The intro song ‘Get on the Floor’ contains fierce hip-hop sounds, and ‘Say My Name’ with Latin hip-hop clearly conducts a more exciting 4minute song. Various musicians have collaborated on this album; one of them being a Shinhwa member, Lee Minwoo (M) helped to create the song ‘Femme Fatale’. The song ‘Dream Racer’, which sounds incongruous in K-POP, was produced by indie Band “The KOXX”.

Others included are a ballad song, ’I’m OK’ which is noticeable with its full-blown sensitivity and an electric dance song, ‘Black Cat’ is formed with swing sounds.

Leesmusic, kkwonsso. @ 4-minutes Forum, yinyuetai
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