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J.Kyun's New Single Features Zico from Block B

"Hip Hop Prince" J.Kyun is unleashing a new single "Hot MC" prior to release his first mini album on April 5 through various online music sites. "Hot MC" is already garner much attention from Hip Hop and other music fans, when the news about idol group Block B's leader Zico's participation was announced.

Although J.Kyun did not have any previous relationship with Zico or Block B, he highly valued Zico's rapping skill. He personally contacted Zico and asked him to come and feature in his upcoming single. Zico was greatly honored by the offer, as he has always admired J.Kyun. With no conditions or contracts, Zico gladly recorded "Hot MC" with J.Kyun.

J.Kyun has been garner attention with his unique online activities such as Korea's first SNS radio, "I am the Prince," his cover song of "Fantastic Baby" dedicated to Girls Generations' Sunny with the title, "Fantastic Soon Kyu," and mimicking the voices of drama "Deep Rooted Tree" in his teaser video. The upcoming mini album "Just Nowadays" is the first album in two years since his first regular album "Re:birthday" in 2010.

Upon hearing about Zico's featuring in J.Kyun's upcoming album, netizens commented, "Oh my god, I can't believe it! J.Kyun and Zico together!" "What an unexpected combination," and "I must buy this album!" J.Kyun's first mini album "Just Nowadays" will be released on April 12.

sauce: Soompi, tvdaily, AsianDreamMusic
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