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KBS bans MC Sniper’s “Push It” music video for rebellious content


MC Sniper‘s official music video for his sixth album title track, “Push It“, has been reported to be labeled unfit for public broadcast.

The music video and song is a criticism against the current state of the K-Pop market, and it incorporates the use of direct and heavy language in the lyrics, and expresses it in a rough manner in the actual music video. KBS‘s review board deemed it unfit for broadcast due to the overall ‘rebellious’ theme of the music video.

The music video uses a run down building as its backdrop and criticizes the MOGEF and other review boards for their unfair methods of banning songs, as well as companies for their unethical methods of auditions. A part of the lyrics state, “Start with music that’s edible, but take out all of the nutrients. Just make it fun with an impact – but wait, that’s still weak. Mix in a plagiarized melody and throw in some meaningless alien words.”

Sniper Sound officials commented, “The music video was banned for its overall content so we won’t be able to make any changes. Since the song itself has been passed, we will continue promoting it on air.”

source: allkpop, nateponycanyonkr
Tags: censorship, music video

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