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Nine Muses & John Park with short rapper, MC SNIPER!

MC Sniper recently posted on his me2day blog, commenting on a couple of embarrassing photos he took with girl group Nine Muses and singer John Park.

On April 5th, the rapper posted, “Ah! This is so frustrating. It’s been a while since I saw my hoobaes. I even wore insoles, but my height is still…” MC Sniper then uploaded another photo with John Park and commented, “John Park is tall too, man… His album sounds great though!”

A less-than-ideal height can at times become a self-esteem killer, especially in the world of celebrities, which seems to be the reason why many fans were sympathetic to MC Sniper’s latest posts. Despite the fact that he looked like he could be younger than both musical acts, his me2day followers were charmed by his cute, innocent reaction.

They encouraged him with comments such as: “Who cares about height, it’s the music that counts,” “Your charisma is still no joke,” and “At least you look cute =D.”

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Tags: body image, hip hop, nine muses, nugu

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