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Kang Hodong makes first public statement in seven months

Kang Hodong made his first public appearance in the seven months since his temporary withdrawal from show business, by attending All Lies Band's Woo Seungmin's wedding.

He congratulated Woo Seungmin right before the ceremony, which was held on April 8th, at 2PM KST. This is the first time he has spoken in public since his withdrawal from the industry in September of last year.

Kang Hodong said, "I'm here to congratulate my dear friend Woo Seungmin on his wedding. I hope the couple will be happy and understand each other well, and that they will have many children."

Though he stood confidently in front of the press, Kang Hodong's expressions betrayed his nervousness.

When asked about his comeback, he answered, "I have nothing to say because I have not been thinking about it in detail yet. Thank you for your concern. Everyone please be happy and healthy."

Kang Hodong and Woo Seungmin met through MBC's "Golden Fishery."

Source: star news & koreaboo
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