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Entertainment producer expresses thoughts on T-ara’s member change.

T-ara‘s member change became a hot topic of conversation over the weekend. The CEO of Core Contents Media (CCM), Kim Kwang Soo revealed that his 7-member girl group would soon expand to 9 members, causing the public to have mixed feelings about the change.

CCM reported through a press release on April 6th, “We have plans to switch out any prideful members who are not working to their full potential, causing the other members to suffer as a result.”

Each of the different labels have differing opinions on T-ara’s member change. Some believe that the fans make the artists whole, and therefore they must keep the current members to keep the fans, while others believe that a member change is necessary for the future of the group. But those on both sides of the argument felt that there was a limit when it came to keeping their best celebrities at the top.

Representative Kim Kwang Soo also informed StarIn, “All the celebrities I have ever debuted, after the 3 year mark they seem to think that the fans’ responses are the same, whether they put in the effort or not. I’ve seen them become indolent and prideful.”

A different girl group who recently debuted became suddenly quiet after actively promoting their music, due to a member who was causing discord among the group. They are currently discussing their next steps, and member changes are not out of the question. Hence, T-ara isn’t the only group to be considering member reorganization.

However, member swaps came not only as a surprise to the members themselves, but to the fans as well. Each member has her role in the team, and each member builds her own fan base. LOEN music producer Cho Young Chul has never been one to talk about others, but he recently wrote via his official Twitter page, “Groups aren’t like toy robots, where you can snap the arm off and put it back on again… The group as a whole is the artist. They are not trinkets that can be assembled and taken apart.”

CCM’s Kim Kwang Soo also shared, “It’s harder to maintain your top status, than it is to climb your way to the summit. I believe that it will take much more effort to consistently remain on top.”

Source: AKP & Edaily via Nate

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