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Se7en Says He's the Seventh Member of Shinhwa

received attention for stating that he was Shinhwa's seventh member. On April 10, he introduced himself on Twitter by uploading a photo and writing, "Hi. I am Shinhwa's seventh member. This is Shinhwa's comeback commemoration party. Without their permission, I am just uploading this. It's been awhile since I took photo of myself! I am glad to see my handsome hyungs. I love you. Shinhwa fighting."

In the picture, Se7en can be seen enjoying dinner with the Shinhwa members. Being near the camera, Se7en has a shot with his thumb up and the other with a "V." He looks very natural in the shots that makes you believe he really is a member of the group.

Netizens said, "You're so handsome. I feel like I'm going to faint," "Se7en oppa you are so cute. Really cute. Se7en and Shinhwa fighting," "I think creating a project group with Se7en and Shinhwa would be nice. The photo is funny."

On April 25, Se7en will release his new Japanese single, "Love Again," and begin his promotion in Japan.

Source: Soompi
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