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Ivy to return with new mini album ‘Interview’

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Sexy queen Ivy will be returning to the music scene after a three year hiatus.

Ivy will be releasing a mini-album titled ‘Interview‘ on April 27th and will actively participate in a promotion cycle.

This album will have a variety of songs with different styles ranging from ballads to medium tempo songs and will surely be a treat for her fans who have been missing her soulful and heartfelt style.

Ivy’s representative stated, “Ivy matured musically while she was on a break and she wanted to show her maturity so that is why the song will be filled with ballads and medium tempo songs. We feel that it will be better received compared to her dance tracks. All of her strengths will really stand out and we are all eagerly anticipating her album.”

Ivy uploaded a teaser image via her homepage ( on April 10th and is planning to continuously greet her fans.

Ivy debuted in July of 2005 with her first album, ‘My Sweet and Free Day‘ and received immense popularity through her hit tracks such as, ‘A-Ha‘, ‘Sonata of Temptation‘, ‘Touch Me‘, and ‘I Must be Stupid.’


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