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Kara’s “Mister” Beats AKB48 As Most Popularly Sung Tune at Karaoke

has not only taken Japan by storm, but has taken over the hearts of Japanese Karaoke lovers.

Kara made an appearance on the hit Japanese show “Hey!Hey!Hey!” and was acknowledged as the most loved singer at the Karaoke. Kara’s hit song “Mister” was chosen as the most popularly sung tune at Karaoke after 1990.

Kara’s hit song “Mister” that garnered much popularity with its butt dance not only in Korea, but also Japan, beat out AKB48 and claimed the number one spot. Among the top ten songs, there were songs by popular Japanese artists SMAP and Arashi, as well.

Kara also did well on the most popular Karaoke song list compiled by the Japanese Karaoke system manufacture Daiichi Kosho at the end of last year. Kara’s “Mister” came in second, and Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” came in third.

This is a great achievement for Kara because an artist’s popularity at the Karaoke is an indication an artist’s overall popularity. Kara was able to increase their brand awareness with their easy to follow choreography and catchy melody.

In other news, Kara is continuing their “KARASIA” tour, stopping at five major Japanese cities, as well as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, for a total of six to seven countries.

Source: Soompi News
Tags: foreign celebrities, kara, lolz, overseas activities

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