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Open World Entertainment issues official statement

Open World Entertainment just issued a statement, warning media sources spreading false and exaggerated reports about the scandal regarding the agency’s CEO.

The representatives of Open World Entertainment issued a message titled “Warning of Legal Action For Defamation of Character Due to False, Exaggerated Reports, and Interference of Work” to Korean media outlets:

2012.4.10 False reports and exaggerations (such as the number of victims being over 20) by a portion of the media reports about Open World Entertainment’s CEO Mr. Jang as well as the confiscation, investigation, and arrest. By releasing the real names and pictures of stars under the agency who have nothing to do with the suspicions concerning Mr. Jang, artists have been defamed, in addition to damaging the reputation of Open World Entertainment, causing setbacks in work and loss

Shedding light on such a situation, Open World Entertainment’s officials, all agency artists, and CEO Jang Suk Woo’s legal representative request the withdrawal of articles, and will take legal action against media outlets that do not issue out correction apology articles as well as the rest of the media outlets that have been blindly following the false, exaggerated reports, and will also make sure that there will be no reports defaming agency artists.

Source: News Way via Allkpop.

"False reports and exaggerations (such as the number of victims being over 20)"
idk what they're trying to say with that but i'm gonna stay here judging whoever wrote this and being utterly disturbed by everything :|
Tags: arrest, beware: wank within !, crime, scandals

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