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[NEWS] Why do idols only sing "love songs'"? NU'EST talks about the dangers in school

The new rookie group NU’EST is speaking out for the people in their teens.

On an online community site, a video about teenage school bullying had been posted and is currently becoming the biggest problem for the teenagers.

The poster of this video had also left a small note saying “I listened to the rookie group, NU’EST’s song and I could remember the hard times I had during my young age. I hope the teenagers reduce the amount of pain they have these days.”

What was the most impressive thing that moved the people’s hearts? In the video, there was a compilation of NU’EST’s music video from their debut song ‘face’ and segments of teenagers being bullied.

The song ‘Face’ has lyrics such as ‘The showmanship you have already learnt, you have already gotten rid of friendship’, ‘The News is always the same, I am just different’, ‘What did you learn in order to be so bad’. These lyrics match up very well with the issues that the teenagers are currently going through.

Another aspect in why this is agreeable is because of the messages that are portrayed by popular brands, which are teenager’s favorite brands. These messages include “You are trying to find the Himalayas in this small place”, “click the like it for your current state”.

These days, the music industry is full of ‘love’. The idols and ballad singers only sing ‘love songs’. This is because it is easy to relate to people with human feelings that a person would’ve experienced once.

There is also a reason for this rookie group to be known, they are voicing their own opinons on the society these days.

In an interview, NU’EST had said “There are lots of problems happening between teenagers. We want to voice out those problems” and “This is because people would agree with this problem after fading out of their teens and we have to solve this problem”.

These boys are still 18 and 19. NU’EST are still young teenagers but they claimed to represent the teenage years. And their truthfulness is catching the eyes of many people.

Source: TvDaily, pledis-elites @ tumblr
Article Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @ Elite-Rebels
Translation Credits: Bunnhye @ Elite-Rebels

One of the main reasons I really liked 'Face' tbh
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