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Kangta Releases "I AM" Poster

Following the releases of the character posters for f(x), SHINee, and BoA, soloist Kangta has released his own character poster for SM Entertainment’s upcoming film, ‘I AM‘.

The poster sees Kangta leaning back in a relaxed manner, aiming to show his 16 years worth of experience in the industry and the veteran ease that comes with it. Having debuted in 1996 through H.O.T., he’s reached new heights in every step of his career, leading to a syndrome-like frenzy with his popularity. He’s taken a step back from it all recently, venturing into acting and working as a vocal coach on Mnet‘s ‘Voice of Korea‘.

His poster’s caption states, “There was a time when not one person… care to even glance in our direction.”

The movie hits theaters next month.

Sources + Photo: allkpop and Segye via Naver
Tags: kangta, movie, sm entertainment

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