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jyj receives explosive response from japan dispite blacklist

The idol trio JYJ, recently launched their official Japanese website for their fans in the country.

With intense responses, the website went down due to extreme traffic that was bombarding the site since it has opened.

It is well documented that JYJ is blacklisted from all major music shows and events and to still receive such loyal support is an impressive feat.

In a recent report, it tells that JYJ not only received banishment from media outlets but from product manufacturers as well.

In a recent tweet by hans_shop, it told a story by a former factory employee.

There’s a sad news. I thought I’ll be able to talk about it freely here.. Among my friends, there’s someone who produced idol’s official goods, and when asked why don’t they make JYJ’s goods and why JYJ’s goods are limited, it turns out that among Korean’s goods maker, JYJ is banned.. Once (a company) worked with JYJ, they won’t be offered contracts from other major companies. It’s shocking that it’s not only SM, even other major companies also do the same. So none of the manufacturer could do anything, thus JYJ’s goods become rare items since the manufacturing is difficult due to the vicious cycle (of banning companies), that’s why the other day’s collection card was sold at a high price.. Under this type of bullying (?) in the entertainment world is the worst environment, yet they didn’t lose their popularity and still walked on their own path, I really respect them for that.

Source: JYJ3 & kpopseven
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