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Exo-m messages to fans on weibo

Da jia hao (Hello)! I’m EXO-M’s XIUMIN! I feel very excited as I can finally come online personally to greet everyone. Xiexie (Thanks) to all the fans that gave us concern and love for our debut stage~! Although my Chinese is not that good, the life here in China is interesting. But I will still study hard for Chinese… EXO-K that is working hard in Korea!! Boys~ Cool~~ I miss you all WE ARE ONE! We, EXO, will continue to work hard for you all and please continue to watch us in the future. (from EXO-M, XIU MIN)

From our first teaser to now that we have already debut, it has been 100 days. Thank you fans for all the support given during this period! We will work hard from our promotions and give a better performance for you all! I love you all ♥ (from EXO-M, LU HAN)

Dear fans, it feels good to be back to China. Thank you for all the support, do you like our mini album? Hehe.. We will continue to work hard, and hope you all will continue to support us! Thank you~ (From EXO-M, KRIS)

Dear fans, thank you for the concern and support for us. Everytime when I see you all screamed for us, our hearts feel really warm, very thankful to you all! We will work hard to present a better performance for all of you, please look forward to it~ And continue to support us! Hope you all will be happy and blessed~ (from EXO-M, LAY)

Hello. I’m EXO-M’s Chen. I’m very thankful for the attention given to EXO. I was really surprised to see so many people that came to Korea and China showcases. I will not forget the attention and support that you all gave to EXO, I will work harder for the performances. Hope you all will give more interest to us. Thank you. (from EXO-M, CHEN)

Hello~How are you? I’m the Kungfu Panda that can sing, dance and rap, haha.. I’m very thankful for all the passion. I guess you all must like the mini album? Haha.. We are back in China, the support that you all gave are a big motivation to us. We will continue to work hard and I love all the people that love us~ (from EXO-M, TAO)

Source: Exo-m@weibo
Translation: dancingkyu@fuckyeah-exo

Happy birthday Sehun
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