Doesn't mean we can't enjoy the shallow. (timetobegin) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
Doesn't mean we can't enjoy the shallow.

Japanese DJ Mitomi Tokoto does a kickass remix of 2NE1's Lonely

Shorter HQ clip:

From the DJ's Youtube channel:

"Special movie where I am playing 2NE1 vs MITOMI TOKOTO "LONELY 2012",
which is a track I made for my mother who passed away so suddenly few weeks ago.
This is not a sad and tears fulled track but rather a track I made while remembering
our best memories together using the voice of 2NE1 and producing all of the melodies
and arrangements..."

Kaolimi & Mitomi Tokoto

(A more familiar track of Tokoto's is the beauty he did with Daishi Dance that would become After School's Shampoo.)
I love a good remix, this is amazing! 
Tags: 2ne1, foreign celebrities

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