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Shinhwa - Shinhwa Broadcast episode 5 preview + article

Shinhwa's Eric unique sleeping habits revealed, arousing the interest of many.

On the 14th, the daily life of Shinhwa will be revealed through JTBC Shinhwa Broadcast "Human Being theatre".

In particular during the shoot of "Human Being Theatre", Eric revealed his bedroom for the very first time. Obscene(?) Shinhwa personal life, sleeping habits like sleeping nude and more are revealed in the show too.

A heartwarming video where Eric is dancing samba with his nephew will also be shown. You will also be seeing MinWoo's whimsical way of taking a shower and singing "Venus".

6 members, 6 different personalities will all be shown on "Human Being Theatre".

Shinhwa Broadcast will be aired on the 14th at 9.55pm.

Source: video - 01luvsh, article - Osen → translation - allaboutshinhwa.
Tags: eric mun, lee minwoo, shinhwa, teaser, tv shows

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