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A Pink to release new song on 1 year anniversary

A Pink is about to hit its one year anniversary and the group will be gifting its fans with a brand new song!

On April 12, fans visiting A Pink's homepage found the words: D-7, one year ago, one year later, appearing on the site.

It was revealed that on April 19, on the day of A Pink's one-year anniversary, A Cube Entertainment will release a new song on music portal sites, ahead of A Pink's new album.

A Cube Entertainment shared, "For A Pink's fans who have supported and loved A Pink, as a way of showing fans A Pink's gratitude, a new song will be revealed to commemorate A Pink's one-year anniversary and as a way of saying, 'Let's continue together.' The song will be filled with A Pink's love and thanks."

The agency also gave an update on the progress of A Pink's upcoming album saying, "Currently A Pink has finished production on the album as well as the album jacket photo shoot. At the earliest, we plan for them to make a comeback within April."

Click here for the official A Pink homepage!

Source: video - acubeent, article - enewsworld.
Tags: apink, comebacks

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