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We Got Married won't come back

MBC’s We Got Married is set to be cancelled completely on Saturday, April 14th due to the ongoing labor strike. It will be replaced by the new program, Music and Lyrics.

The impending cancellation of We Got Married has sparked outrage from many viewers, netizens, and even Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.

Leeteuk took to Twitter about his frustrations towards the cancellation, saying,

“No, this can’t be right. We only got to see each other a few times…”

The labor strike began in February. MBC had to air a few re-run episodes of We Got Married in February, but were able to push about a few new episodes in March. However, they had to return to re-runs on April 7th. That’s when they decided that they should pull the show altogether.

Viewers stated the following,

“We are willing to wait patiently for We Got Married to come back, there’s no need to cancel!”
“Please don’t cancel this show. We are willing to watch the re-runs.”

Source: nate & kpopseven
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