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2PM & 2AM movie to be released in June

2PM + 2AM ‘One Day’

The long-awaited documentary movie is finally completed!

Performing with a sense of liveliness, named as the beastly idols
“To enchant” 6 members – 2PM.

Established its position as the best vocal group in K-Pop history
“To listen to” 4 members – 2AM.

Two groups who are at the frontline in the Asian music scene,
All 10 members, becoming 2PM + 2AM ‘One Day’, face new challenges,
Have made that first step. Overcoming national borders, with schedules right down to the minute
These members who continue with their activities, have turned to the camera for the first time.

A close-up documentation of the 10 men who have sprinted across Japan and Asia!
What have the members thought and felt at that point in time, at that place?

Birthed from the same original audition program, now possessing completely contrasting charisma, a band of brothers.
The beginning of that origin,
Last summer in Japan, the stage of these 10 men was first unveiled.
The backstage scenes and daily activities in which artistes participate of ‘JYP NATION in Japan 2011’,
And the rare off time the members enjoyed in Tokyo
In frankness filled with charm, inoffensively, all is filmed with not a thing missed.
With giant close-up scenes, and snippets of interviews with genuine thoughts and emotions
What is felt in Japan, whether pressing onward to another location –
The real ‘now’ of the 10 men, will soon be projected onto the silver screen.

Here's what they did for JYP Nation last summer btw:

Changmin + Junsu + Junho: There is Nothing More

Seulong + Taecyeon + Chansung + Jinwoon: Dance

Nichkhun + Wooyoung + Jo Kwon: The Day I Confessed (fancam but it's super kawaii so yall should watch neway)


info + trans: official site + jokkloo@2oneday
yt vid: BeyondtheONEDAY, whiterose73, dubidufi, SuperLoveglee, AhnTaHee2
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