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M.I.B's third stylist involved in dorm fire dies in critical care

M.I.B's third stylist who was in critical condition after fire broke out in their residences is reported to have passed away today. 

Last April 5th, it was reported that two of M.I.B's stylists died after a fire broke out in their home, leaving another stylist in critical condition. Despite ongoing investigations to the cause and details of the incident, the third stylist who was working with M.I.B for their comeback died in hospital today. Since the incident, the stylist was treated in an intensive care unit and was previously reported to have gained consciousness. 

On April 13th, various officials in the industry expressed their thoughts on the unfortunate event as they were hoping for the stylist's recovery. The incident is still under investigation as the fire department is currently being questioned for details of their response that day. 

The third person who died during the incident is said to be a freelance stylist and has worked with other artists such as singer Lyn before.

M.I.B was originally set to hold their first comeback performance last April 5th but their activities were postponed due to the incident. 

source: koreaboo + newsen

Tags: accident, death/funeral, m.i.b
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