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BTOB's Eunkwang & Minhyuk - The Star Chosun interviews

1204012 BTOB's Eunkwang, 'The reason why I snuck out of the dorm with Sungjae?'

Emerging at a scary pace with their debut song 'Secret (INSANE)', new septet boy group BTOB. BTOB's entertainer-strong vocal leader Seo Eunkwang.

With an explosive full voice Eunkwang is dubbed as the 'entertainer-strong-vocalist' among the members. He is a leader who even points out his dongsaengs' appearance with a mischievous smile and with a warm heart. To the Eunkwang who is mature and good-natured, we asked him about his experiences, "I've snuck out of the dorm secretly to watch a movie before as a trainee. I really wanted to watch a movie. With Sungjae and other trainee friends we completely abandoned the company. We received the punishment of stopped lessons and receiving signatures from the Cube employees", he said while showing a unique gentle smile.

Through telling different star stories ‘The Star’ ( will release a HD interview with the septet boy group BTOB on April 20th. In addition there will be an event to win an autographed CD + poster (10 copies) and polaroid pictures (7 copies) by leaving comments on the articles. The even will be held from the 20th until the 26th. The winner will be announced on the 27th.

the star chosun, dj_jeon @ cubicbeatz (must be a member to view)

[NEWS] 120413 BTOB's Lee Minhyuk, "Lee Seunggi is my role model"

Currently attracting attention at a scary rate with their debut title track 'INSANE' is rookie 7-member boy band BTOB's talented Lee Minhyuk.

Before their debut, Minhyuk's acrobatic skills were revealed through their teaser which attracted lots of fans who were looking forward to the group's debut. After meeting him in person, it seemed like writing lyrics and composing lyrics were basic as well as rap making and acting making him a well-rounded idol. Minhyuk stated that his role model is Lee Seunggi because "There are lots and lots of things that I would like to learn from Lee Seunggi-sunbaenim" and due to the fact that he can balance being both a singer and actor at the same time.

From 'The Star' ( you will be able to see a different colored star story of 7-member group BTOB's HD Interview which will be revealed on April 20th, an interview article comment event will be going on and we will be giving away signed CDs + Posters of all the members (to 10 people) and polaroid pictures (to 7 people). The time fame of the event will be from the 20th to April 26th, and we will reveal the results on April 27th.

the star chosun, angi @ cubicbeatz (must be a member to view)

excellent choice in movies my good sirs
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