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Supernova to return with "Stupid Love" on April 18th

Boy group Supernova will be returning to the music scene with the release of a new album next week.

The release, called "Stupid Love", consists of three new songs, including a title track of the same name, "Saturday" and "Stop Girl". For the release the group worked together with both Ryan Jhun and JD Relic, among others. Both of them have worked on many other releases, such as U-Kiss's "Neverland", before. The title track was produced by Brave Brothers. As it was earlier revealed they'd be returning with a mini album, other tracks included in the release will probably be remixes or earlier released tracks though a full tracklist hasn't been revealed yet.

It was also revealed that the group will only be promotion for about three weeks before they'll head on to Japan again for their newest tour. It is rumored that Supernova will be coming back to Korea with a second full length album as soon as June.

Supernova released their 1st album "The Beautiful Stardust" in 2007, before heading to Japan. In the summer of 2010, they made their return with "Time To Shine", their first Korean mini album. Their comeback has been anticipated by many fans.

With leader Yoonhak's enlistment in the army last year, Supernova will be making their return as a five member group. Member Sungje was appointed as the temporary leader.

"Stupid Love" is set for an April 18th release, with an MV teaser on April 17th and their first stage on April 19th.

Source: komca & koreaboo
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