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Which female celebrities look like they are good at mathematics?

Korean website "Seven Edu" ran a poll between March 19th and April 12th, asking its readers which female celebrities look like they were good at mathematics during their student days. 448 responses were received, and the top spot went to Kim Taehee, while the second place went to Han Gain.

According to the website, "The two female celebrities have some common characteristics, as they both are educated, pretty, and popular. Kim Taehee graduated from Seoul University’s fashion program, and reports have surfaced that she always maintained the top spot in her school when she was a student. She is seen as a smart female celebrity by netizens, and therefore netizens feel that her mathematics skills should be good. Han Gain graduated from Kyunghee University with a tourism degree, and thus her mathematics skills shouldn’t be bad."

Kim Taehee’s Japanese drama, "99 Days with a Star," began airing in Korea on the 12th. Meanwhile, Han Gain will be heading to Croatia for the filming of a commercial.

Source: korea star daily & koreaboo
Tags: kim tae hee

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