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Chae Yeon post

Chae Yeon will not take legal action against false reports claiming suicide attempt

Chae Yeon has recently found herself swept up in rumors from the Chinese media about a suicide attempt.

Her agency stated on April 14th, "In China, there were reports that Chae Yeon had attempted suicide. Fans were of course very worried, but her family was quite shocked as well." They continued, "Within the agency, we have decided that it would be better to just let this pass quietly, and thus, will not be taking legal action against the media outlet."

"Chae Yeon is doing well and is healthy. There is no need to worry", they added, putting fans' concerns to rest.

The reports being referred to originated from a Chinese online media source, who had posted on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter), "Chae Yeon, who had posted that she was depressed lately on the internet, has attempted suicide on April 9th. However, she was discovered right away, and is currently being treated after being rushed to the hospital." However, Chae Yeon was photographed at the airport on April 10th, confirming that the reports had been false.

The same source later apologized through Weibo on April 13th, stating, "Because of the mistakes by the editorial department, we reported on stories about Chae Yeon'’s suicide that had no evidence to back it up. We apologize to Chae Yeon, her agency, and her fans, and will delete the original report as well as punish those responsible."

Netizens who heard the news commented, "I was worried. You're fine right?", "Chae Yeon, don't ever think negatively. Always stay healthy and happy.", and "Whew, that's a relief".

Chae Yeon impresses with her airport fashion

Photos of K-pop diva Chae Yeon's "airport fashion" has netizens buzzing over her hot look.

On April 10th, singer Chae Yeon appeared at Incheon airport in a sleek and comfortable outfit that proved her status as a fashionista.

Large sunglasses are a must for any K-pop celebrity at the airport, and Chae Yeon sported black sunglasses that emphasized her small and slim facial structure. She was also wearing a loose, grey hooded sweater and shiny cap that presented a chic, hip hop look as well as tight, stylishly designed, white pants and black "kill heel" boots that boosted her petite height. The star topped off the whole look with a cute and daring, pink suitcase that sets itself apart from other ordinary luggage.

Netizens commented, "She looks so noticeable even at the airport", "So sexy, unni I love your hood!", and "Please make your comeback, we are waiting".

Chae Yeon is currently busy promoting in China.

Source: article 1: nateallkpop, article 2: Daumallkpop
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