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Jaejoong finally able to be on TV with BFF Hyunjoong

Jaejoong's cut on Kim Hyunjoong's MBC documentary.


Commentator(C): Hyunjoong comes to the place(Nonhyung-dong, Seoul) in order to visit a friend. Ever since he debuted as an entertainer, they have been friends.

HyunJoong: Aigoo aigoo you came? 

Jaejoong: Of course I came!

C: Hyunjoong’s friend whom he confides in is none other than Kim Jaejoong.

(then they talk that Jae’s been there since 9pm(i think, can’t hear if it’s am or pm)

Even though these two people have once lived in the same house, they had no time to meet because of their international activities. Thus they catch up on news with each other.

HJ: The two of us once lived together for a year, but both of us had different schedules in Japan and I also had other international schedules, so we probably just saw/lived in the house for about one or two months?

Jae: Whenever you’re in the country, I go out of the country.

HJ: And I was also filming my drama…

C: They were both focusing on their acting then so they weren’t able to talk so much.

HJ: When I was having a hard time, Jaejoong-hyung would write me a letter and put it under my pillow. It was very touching, even though I was having a hard time, hyung’s words gave me strength. He said instead of drinking alcohol, I should just tell him my worries. I kept his letter and still have it.

Jae: Ah, really? I did write him a letter and I also received a reply in return.

HJ: What?

Jae: Do you remember your reply? You said “Hyung, even though I don’t say this as much, I’m really sorry and really thankful…” this I also received. But to be writing letters to each other as men… (laughs)

HJ: Despite being in different groups, we were very willing in being good friends.

Jae: There was also this instance, since we were in different groups, we can’t talk so much about each other. We were struggling alone abroad, and with foreign people around us, it’s nice to talk to someone you can relate to.

HJ: We had the mindset that it’s important to work hard in order to get great results… I like it. It’s true that we’ve been talking about what kind of music I want to do and there’s also Kim Jaejoong’s kind of music. We’ll monitor each other and will call him saying he should change this to be better, and he will do the same to me. Little by little, hearing how we’re becoming “asia’s star” and “hallyu” made us feel really proud. I don’t know, but I still have a hard time hearing these things. I really felt all the blessings, but hearing this…

C: Kim Hyun Joong, who had a hard time going abroad, finds himself feeling better to have a friend who he can confide in. 

credit: JjYcJs1

Trans: Me

Note: This is just a rough translation, but it pretty much goes that way. Please understand the OP, it's 2:30am and I can't sleep again so I decided to test my Korean skillz once more and translate this. Plus, Jae looks so fine here, it's hard not to share this perfection. lol

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