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TAHITI featured on MTV's reality show "TA-DAH"

Upcoming girl group TAHITI will be making their first appearance on MTV's reality show "TA-DAH" starting this weekend.

Set to be making their debut in June, MTV's "TA-DAH" will feature the new group which is set to air in eight countries including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Phillipines starting on April 14th. The news was confirmed by DS Entertainment on April 13th.

According to the show's promoter, the show will be in a format of a sitcom where the members play the role of cloned humans from animal genes. The members' characters will start adapting to the new society as normal people. The representative went on to reveal, "It's a whole new concept of a reality program that stars idol groups."

It was also revealed that the group will be making their debut with a single album, but there have been no confirmations about their first official performance yet.

Source: 10asiae & koreaboo
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