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netizens learn the meanings behind the names of girl groups

The meaning behind the girl groups’ names has become the latest topic of conversation.

Recently, on the online community forums, a post titled ‘the girl groups’ names’ explains the names of girl groups, including SNSD, Wonder Girls, KARA and 4minute.

First off, we have the Wonder Girls, who are ‘the girls who can amaze the world.’

In addition, KARA is ‘a sweet melody,’ SNSD means ‘the generation of the girls has come,’ 2NE1 refers to ‘the new evolution of the 21st century,’ and 4minute hopes to ‘capture all the separate charms within four minutes.’

Moreover, f(x) is a play on the mathematical function and means ‘just like how the x is modified to get different results, the members’ talents and charms are modified for their activities in Asia,’ T-ARA looks to be ‘crowned queens of the music industry,’ and miss A has ‘the ability to become the best in Asia by doing all aspects with an A class.’

With a bit more literal names, SISTAR is the fusion between ‘having a close, intimate relationship (like sisters) while becoming stars in the music industry;’ After School is as their name states, literally after school; Dal Shabet means sweet sherbet; and Girl’s Day provides the laughter from the days of being a young girl.

Were you aware of these meanings?

Source: Star FN News & kpopseven
Tags: 2ne1, 4minute, after school, dal★shabet, f(x), girls day, girls generation, kara, miss a, sistar
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