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IU shows LOEN who's in charge + recent CFs/photoshoots

LOEN Entertainment has finally released their long-awaited episode 1 of "2012 LOEN TV" featuring IU in Japan. The video was first posted on LOEN’s official Twitter account on April 13th and has already drawn in over 50,000 views.

However, upon watching the video, IU expressed her dissatisfaction with the video content by posting several tweets to LOEN, "Excuse me, Mr. Loen. Why is Loen TV so short? There have been a lot of changes over the past two years, but why is the screen quality the same for Loen TV? Didn’t I mention that we should get better camcorders~"

Shortly after, LOEN's official Twitter account tweeted back to the singer saying, "Hul… Ms. IU, we promise we'll return with a longer duration and a better screen quality~ If you set it as 720p for now… The quality will be a little… A little better… We’ll work harder to become a better Loen TV!!"

Fans were amused by the conversation between the agency and the artist commenting, "The two are so cute", "IU’s the best.. Even her agency can’t say anything back to her", "This is funny", "The agency’s reaction is hilarious", and more.

via akp/IU's twitter/loen twitter/iuloen

Yoo Seung Ho & IU for G by Guess

via g by guess blog/WHI/iubunny

IU sings new theme song + becomes new CF model for Nongshim Slurp Noodles
"Love is Hooroorook"

Interactive web commercial (ENG subbed)

via emochiiwu/iubunny

IU & ZE:A's Siwan star in Samsung Wave 3 mini-drama
Episodes #1-3 (Full)

via EmpireKidLovee (1/2/3/4)

IU appointed as new model for cosmetics brand "The Saem"

via Saem online/WHI1/WHI2

Yoo Seung Ho doesn't have a tag? :(
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