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Seungri pranks Hyuna during 4minute’s interview on ‘Inkigayo’

Looks like 4minute‘s HyunA suffered a little embarrassment from Big Bang‘s Seungri‘s latest prank!

On today’s episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, the members of 4minute introduced their new mini album ‘Volume Up‘ with the MCs before their comeback stage. During their interview, the five ladies also showed the ‘shoulder dance’ from the “Volume Up” choreography.

After seeing them dance, MC Seungri commented, “The shoulder dance is so cute,” and high fived the members one by one. But when it was HyunA’s turn, Seungri met her hand with a retracted fist instead. Without missing a beat, Seungri continued his MC duties as HyunA cracked up in the back.

After the episode, netizens commented, “HyunA and Seungri must be close friends“, “HyunA looking embarrassed is cuter,” and, “Look at Seungri’s shameless face!”

Check out 4minute’s interview below; the high-fives begin around 0:52 –

Source: allkpop + Nate

The random cleaner doing his job at the back is cracking me up.
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