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Wearing sunglasses while taking a shower? Story of Lee Minwoo's life

(OP note: the segment appears in 00:25-02:15 and 03:37-05:09.)

Shinhwa member, Lee Minwoo recently revealed his strange habit while taking a shower.

On the April 14th broadcast of JTBC's Shinhwa Show, the members brought the cameras into their personal lives and showed their true sides. On this broadcast, the members were given a mission by the show staff to act like their normal selves for a week.

Through a small interview session, Lee Minwoo expressed, "I was really happy when I heard that we could reveal our personal and private lives that we hid until now. I've always wanted to show it once."

As soon as Minwoo walked inside his home, he started taping himself with a portable handheld cam recorder. "Do you want to see my eyes? However, I can't show you my eyes tonight. It's because I have this habit when I take a shower. That is taking a shower with sunglasses. Occasionally, I wear sunglasses while taking a shower", he told.

When asked why he wears a sunglass, Minwoo hilariously answered, "It's because my body shines so bright [aka my body is too hot/beautiful]". Moments later, Minwoo apologized for his joke and truthfully told, "Sorry. To be honest, the fog covers the shades and irritates my eyes. I would never recommend taking a shower with sunglasses to anyone."

Source: video - SERA0216, article - nateallkpop

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