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JYJ Junsu is working on his first solo album which will be released in May. Further there will be songs composed by JYJ members. Start with Seoul concert on May 19, 20, he will have Asia tour till July. (Thailand, Macao, Taiwan, Indonesia, Shanghai for now) Plus!! Junsu’s studio photo will be uploaded on facebook at two o’clock. Give him a huge support!

JYJ’s Junsu will come back with his first full album after his debut.

JYJ’s agency C-JES Entertainment confessed on 16th “JYJ Junsu’s first full solo album will be released in May. Also, he will have concert and Asia Tour at the same time with the release. Because we have confirmed strong awareness/popularity not only in Asia but in around the World by successfully finishing JYJ’s World Tour including recent South America Tour in March, we have higher expectation for the album.”

This is Kim Junsu’s first solo album after his debut in 2004 and the expectation is higher as he shows exceptional capabilities in both singing and performance and he is evaluated as the idol with the best balance among specialists in music field. 

Kim Junsu produced this album and most of songs were composed and written by him. Thus, the album will contain his musical ability. Also, the album will contain various genres including dance, balad, R&B and etc. and songs by JYJ members’ as gifts.

The CEO Baek Changju of C-JES Entertainment expressed his hope “Junsu as singer values the most in Korea. He has matchless singing ability, and capability as singer-songwriter. His domination with dance performance is also recognized by dancers in North America, South American and Europe. We cannot reveal the concept and title song of the album yet. This will be the best album in the music industry for the first half of the year.”

For the release of this album, C-JES Entertainment is preparing a perfect package using all the system of JYJ. Until the release of album, they will increase expectation by revealing the concept of the album step by step using teaser poster, Youtube making spot, Facebook gallery and etc.

Also, the team of Jeri Slaughter, the best choreographer in the United States who has worked for JYJ’s World Widealbum, will participate in the music video, which will be revealed with the full album. The album with World Class quality can be expected.

For the comeback stage, he chose full-length concert and Asia Tour instead of Show case. Junsu is planning to start the activity with the album with his first concert at Jamsil Indoor Stadium on May 19-20th instead of stage on TV and the form has been prepared for two months. After this concert, he is planning to have promotion for his album by having Asia Tour in 6 cities in Thailand, Macao, and etc.

The staff confessed “It has been confirmed there will be Asia Tour in 6 cities including Thailand, Macao, Taiwan, Indonesia, Shanghai, and etc. beginning with the Concert in Korea from the end of May to July. They are discussing about additional cities. The reason why he can have a comeback stage with concert and having Asia Tour at the same time with the promotion of album is because we are confident with our system and contents of performance after JYJ’s World Showcase and World Tour.”

The solo album of Kim Junsu, who is recognized as the idol with best singing ability by voted as the number one for the idol with best singing ability by vocal trainers in Korea, the number one for the idol with best singing ability by music experts and the number one idol who suits to participate in program ‘I am Singer’, will be revealed in mid-May.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu came on the stage of Musical since 2010 and acted in ‘Mozart,’ ‘Heaven’s Tear’ and etc, and got recognized as a musical actor by swept Newcomer awards and popularity awards at Korean Musical Grand Prize and Musical Awards and etc. Currently, he is receiving favorable comments by the audience and critics while acting as ‘Death’ at Musical Elisabeth.

Source: SYC & JYJ's Facebook & @dlwpdldhkdlwp
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