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IU to make comeback in early May with blockbuster music video

Singer IU plans to make a comeback in early May and is currently finishing touches for her latest album.

According to reports, IU wrapped up filming for the music video of her upcoming single in Italy which started on the 9th through the 14th. The music video was filmed in several areas in the country and is said to be the most expensive music video, IU has filmed yet!

The music video is so grand that it is considered on the same level as a blockbuster film! The video will present the beautiful scenery of Italy, all the while, portraying IU’s cute and lovely image.

IU is also slated to carry out her very first solo concert tour, ‘Real Fantasy‘ in South Korea in June, covering 6 cities. Loen Entertainment shared, “After the announcement that IU would be holding her first concert tour, IU poured in all of her efforts to prepare the tour, starting from the planning stage. The tour will show IU’s passion and determination in music.”

source: naver/akp/gif
omg yesssss for a new album. although i know i'll be broke by may, i'll still buy it~

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