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screaming Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung dating.... OR NOT

Top star Lee Byung Hun(42) and popular actress Lee Min Jung(30) are currently dating. People part of the entertainment business have stated that the two had good feelings for each other, starting the end of last year. The two got to naturally meet at various ceremonies and official movie meetings. After spending time with each other, they quietly began dating the beginning of this year.

A person from the movie industry stated, "Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung started to date at the beginning of this year. Even though the two are busy with movies and CFs, they are dating in their free time. Like any other couple, they are dating with beating hearts full of love and joy. However, with them both being famous stars, they don't have many options for their dates."

The person continued on saying, "Before Lee Byung Hun's younger sister, Lee Eun Hee, got married at the beginning of this year, Lee Byung Hun took Lee Min Jung to meet his family. The couple enjoyed a lovely meal with Lee Byung Hun's mother and sister. His family is pleased with their relationship."

It is being said that Lee Byung Hun, who is a senior to Lee Min Jung in the movie industry, gave much advice to Lee Min Jung, who is just starting out in movies now. Likewise, with her cheerful and bright personality, Lee Min Jung gave strength to lonely Lee Byung Hun when he was busy filming overseas.

A person who knows the two well revealed, "With the two being at an age to get married, it was normal to keep their relationship quiet. Not many people know about their relationship. They usually date around Lee Byung Hun's house, where they can somewhat avoid the attention of others."

Even though the two stars are at a marriageable age, it is being said that it's too early to tell if they will tie the knot. People from the entertainment business are asking everyone to just look at them as a normal couple who are in love.

The new couple is spending busy days working while still loving each other. Lee Byung Hun is currently filming his first historical movie, "Masquerade." Lee Min Jung has been casted in the KBS2 "Big," which will air in June.


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Actors Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung have denied they are dating, downplaying a report from early in the day which said the two are a couple.

On Monday, an official with Lee Byung-hun's agency BH Entertainment told 10Asia over the phone, "It is not true that the two are a couple. We believe that the rumors started when they were both seen having dinner together with other colleagues at a wedding last month."

Lee Min-jung's agency gave a similar response. "The two are not a couple and they have a junior and senior relationship and nothing more. And she is currently busy preparing for her upcoming series 'Big' opposite Gong Yoo."

Lee Byung-hun, one of Korea's most well-recognized actors and a household name in Japan as well, made his Hollywood debut in 2009 through the first “G.I. Joe" flick as character Storm Shadow.

He wrapped up filming the sequel to "G.I. Joe" and busy shooting his first historical film "I am the King of Joseon" alongside labelmate Han Hyo-joo.

Lee Min-jung is best known for playing the role of Ha Jae-kyung in SBS' hit teenage series "Boys Over Flowers" and landed her first lead role in SBS' weekend drama "Smile, You" opposite actor Choung Kyung-ho.

The actress has also appeared in films "Searching for the Elephant (2009)," "White Night (2009)" and "Cyrano Agency (2010)." She last starred in SBS' Monday and Tuesday series "Midas."

Source: 10 asia
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