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Police investigating 2 idol group members and another singer from OWE

As investigations into the case of Open World Entertainment‘s CEO continue, police have revealed that more stars are being suspected of having participated in the sexual abuse of over 10 trainees.

The CEO was arrested on April 13th for the sexual harassment and assault of his trainees, and since then, police have confirmed that male idol group members were indeed commanded to take part in the abuse. Surprisingly, police were able to discover that another adult singer being referred to as ‘A‘ allegedly willingly participated in the abuse as well.

Police will be working to issue arrest warrants for two idol group members in Open World Entertainment in addition to expanding their investigations on another idol member and an idol management executive who used to be a singer.

According to the police, the CEO had been suspected of abusing his trainees since 2008. More than 10 have been confirmed thus far, with some of them being in their teens as well as a rookie actress.

The CEO is allegedly reported to have taken his trainees and idol members out for drinks to get them to naturally mingle with one another. He would then mix aphrodisiac substances into the trainees’ beers and abuse them afterwards, and had the male idol members assault them as well.

Source: Naver via AKP

Well fuck. Brb going to cry. Whoever participated deserves whatever shit happens to them but, RIP my favourite groups. Also I did a little research and there's only been that one solo singer from OWE? They could've just said his name... Fuck that CEO.

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