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NU'EST celebrate their 1 month anniversary~

(jealous of his handwriting tbh)

JR’s Message: 

To. Our Lovely Fans.

Hello! This is NU’EST’s leader,JR! It’s been a month since our debut!! You will be always together with us right? To those fans who’s working hard for us! Please look after us well, and I love you! We’ll be the NU’EST that keeps developing~!

Baek Ho’s Message:

To. Our lovely fans

Hello! This is NU’EST Baekho. Wow! It’s been a month since our debut! Hm..I can’t believe it’s been a month..!! Thanks for always coming to broadcasting station and support us through messages on fancafe, i read it well!! Always support us and don’t cheat behind us!! I’ll show up more cool vibe in the future! Bbyong

Minhyun’s Message: 

Hello! This is NU’EST Minhyun! You know that today is exactly a month after our debut right? To those fans who has been giving us an interest even before our debut and giving us a lot of love until now!! Thank you. I’ll be a singer that only showing up a cool vibe in the future

Ren’s Message: 

Hello! This is NU’EST Ren! It’s been a month since our debut. Thank you so much to our fans. Everyone, you know my heart right? The weather has become more good, I hope we can go picnicㅋ Let’s go picnic~ Where should we go to? To my heart..Thanks to those fans who give us a lot of love

Source: pledis-elites @ tumblr
translation credit: @thenuest 2, 3, 4, 5

Fixed the source~

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