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Soldier beaten to death by students for “staring”

Just before finishing his service, a conscript was beaten to death by some university students for ‘staring’ at them.

The two university students were arrested for beating the soldier on his final leave of absence before finishing his military service, to death for staring at them while walking.

The Jeollanam Mokpo police, arrested Mr. Jo and his accomplice who are currently enrolled at a university in the area. Police announced that the two had been charged with manslaughter and held for 10 days.

Mr. Jo and his accomplice, are accused of tackling, violently assaulting and killing active service member Mr. Kim (21) who was walking through the back alley of a pub in Sangdong, Mokpo at around 3:30am on April 7th, for ‘staring’ at them.

The police investigation found that the victim, Mr. Kim on his last break before finishing military service was killed.

The police said that after the autopsy the cause of death could be accurately determined.

Source: koreabang

What the world has become nowedays. If a young person scolds at you and you say something back there is already a change you will get stabbed
Tags: crime, death/funeral, trigger warning

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