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Oh lookey~ Another EXO-K rare interview!

EXO-K's interview at Melon~


We are ONE! Hello, we are EXO-K! 

Q1: EXO introduction

      Suho: EXO is derived from EXO Planet which means that we came from a superior planet in space and came here to show our new style. The ones promoting in Korea are called EXO-K while the ones promoting in China are EXO-M. 

Q2: EXO member introduction

      D.O.: Hello, I'm D.O.
      Suho: Hello, I'm EXO-K's leader, Suho.
      Baekhyun: Hello, I'm Baekhyun.
      Chanyeol: Hello, I'm Chanyeol.
      Kai: Hello, I'm Kai.
      Sehun: Hello, I'm EXO's maknae, Sehun.

Q3: 1st Mini Album "MAMA" introduction
      D.O.: Our first mini album is "MAMA" and we have 2 versions-- one is Chinese done by EXO-M and one is Korean done by EXO-K. Composed by Yoo YoungJin, and it is also produced by Teddy Riley and Thomas Troelsen. There are a total of six songs in the album, including our title song, MAMA.

Q4: Main point of "MAMA"'s choreography

      Suho: Our title song has a main point in its choreography. We're gonna do it together.

(Chanyeol, Kai and Sehun dances while Bacon, Suho and Dough sings)

     Suho: Everyone, did you see it? We haven't come up with a name for the main point in our dance, but we would like it if you guys can create a name for it :D-->(literally, his face becomes this lol)

Q5: While preparing for the mini album, is there a memorable episode?

      Chanyeol: During our filming for the MAMA music video, Kai had to paint his face with our group EXO's name together with the members' names. It felt amazing for me, it's my first time seeing this kind of face paint. 

      Kai:The face painting took more than 4 hours. It was really hard, but it came out really good in the end. It made me feel really good to see the good outcome.

      Baekhyun: During our teaser filming, we had to film with a dog named "King". He really didn't listen to us at first, but then as filming went on, he started listening and obeying well. So when the time came to separate, I felt really sad. I miss you, King. (aww, so cute!)

Q6: Future plans

       Suho: Since we are getting lots of attention not only in Korea and China but also internationally, it made us feel like we have to work hard even more and try our best in doing our promotions in order to give you greater music and performances. Please support EXO-K's MAMA!

      All: We are ONE! Thank you!

credits:  coollhii
translation: Me

Bacon is so cute! And Suhobb, I swear, if you weren't my bias, I wouldn't even try to understand what you're saying. He says it the way people can't understand it tbh. lol

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