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Onew playing cameo in Sunday's sitcom, "Oh! My Godx2"

Following fellow member Minho's venture into the world of sitcoms, SHINee's Onew will be giving his own hand at acting with a sitcom debut through SBS Plus's Oh My God x2!

Onew will be acting alongside SM Entertainment labelmate CSJH's Sunday. Interestingly enough, he'll be playing himself as an actual SHINee member named Onew who hits on Sunday's character, Bora.

Since the two are already close with each other as labelmates, staff on set revealed that they were seen fooling around and catching up on news during down time.

Onew commented after the filming, "Sunday nuna and I have known each other since our trainee days so we're like siblings. I was able to easily agree to take on the role thanks to her. I've always had fun watching 'Oh My God x2' and I think it's a lot more fun actually being here on set with everyone."

Onew’s episode will air on April 23rd.

Source: video - trinaorange, article - naverallkpop

Edited since I forgot to include article. ^^' She's been looking so weird in this sitcom aish
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