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Prepix - What I See (teaser)

Performance dance team Prepix has released the promotional video teaser Magic Glasses for their new song, What I See.

The Magic Glasses video was shared via Prepix's official YouTube channel, and it featured two of Koreas top dancers in Haw, and Shorty Force.

In the clip, every time Shorty Force puts on his magic glasses, his mom would showcase some crazy break dance moves.

The promotional video is for Prepix's new song What I See, a track that's drawing major attention as B2ST's Yong Junhyung has made a feature in the new project.

"So looking forward to the full MV", fans commented after seeing the teaser, as well as "Funny and impressive", and "Can't wait for the release!"

In related news, both the audio and the MV for What I See will be released on April 24th.

Source: video - prepixhaw, article - nateallkpop
Tags: highlight, music video, teaser

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