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This is an EXO-K video translations mini-post!

EXO-K at M! Countdown Backstage at MNET Japan


We are ONE! Hello, we are EXO-K!

Q: Please talk about your title track.

Yes, MAMA is a song that shows a magnificent orchestra accompanied by a powerful performance. Please anticipate and show lots of support to it.
Chanyeol: The performance we have prepared today is like in our music video, with the powerful performance. Please look out for us. Thank you. 

{they get ready to perform, sorry can't translate the Japanese captions, I can't read Japaneseㅠㅠ}

Chanyeol: (points) Suho-hyung's position is here.

{MAMA and History perf}

Q: How do you feel right now as this is your first stage?

Chanyeol:  Uh, first of all, so many people came so it made me feel nervous, but then with all the support, I think we can do well. (I can't make out most of what Chanyeol said, but that pretty much sums it up)

{performing History and MAMA again, they probably re-did the performances}

EXO: Thank you! You've worked hard!

Baekhyun (to Chanyeol): It was our first stage, how do you feel?
Chanyeol: I really like it. It's the best.

EXO-K at Show Champion

[ommitted Shinyoung and Shindong's talk]

Shinyoung and Shindong: Rookie idol group EXO-K has come!

EXO: (Suho counting) We are one! Hello, we are EXO-K!

Shinyoung: Can you please introduce yourselves one by one? 

(introduces themselves)
Shindong: Oh, you like it that much?
Shinyoung: They bring such a warm atmosphere. 
SD: Then you can move over to that side.
SY: But there's nothing there. (laughs)
SD: What do you think of them? 
SY: What I want to say is that they're good.
SD: It's like remembering my rookie idol days.
SY: But now you're like the manager..
SD: Ah, yes, I'd like to be the manager.
SY: Ah, but you're still the sunbaenim. But I heard that when EXO-K debuted, they have their equivalent signs. 
SD: Yes, I have prepared for that!
(takes out a cardboard)

MC(both of them): Here we can see EXO-K's uniqueness. They will show a debut performance that is full of confidence here at Show Champion. 
SY: They pass.
SD: How do you say so?
SY: They pass.
SD: (laughs) No, but really, I should say this. It's their debut here at Show Champion, but they're already the "top guru" (idk what it is). It's because they're quite famous already. 
SY: We should ask the EXO-K members. Do you feel like you're already popular, and aren't you curious about it?

Suho: Since it's our first round of promotions, we haven't really felt it. But because of our fans, who comes and support us, we've felt their love and support and for this we'd like to thank them.
SD:  He's practiced this reply a lot beforehand.
SY: With that pose, and also practicing everything...
Suho: :D (LOL)
SD:With all the poses, and smiles, even the eyebrow arching...
SY: So even Shindong-ssi did it?
SD: Yes. (laughs)

SY: Now, let's talk about this uniqueness. The words next to the member's names... teleportation, fire, water, land, light, wind...
(sings Captain Planet theme song)
This is how we remember it, but I guess you guys are still young to know that. So which is which here?

Kai: Uh yes, well we came from the EXO planet and..

MCs: Wait a minute.... (laughs) Eh, let's just listen to them for now.

Kai: We came from the EXO planet, and each member has their own powers. Our leader, Suho, has the power of water. Chanyeol-ssi has the power of fire and make a phoenix come out of it. Baekhyun-ssi has the power of light and can make it come out of the heavens. And our popular D.O.-ssi has great strength. Oh, and Sehun-ssi, oh, I have the power of teleportation. 

SD: I'd like to end it here, but I'd like to ask this question: did you like what the company(SMe) gave you? (i think that's what he asked? i'm not sure)
Ah they can't even say it. 
SY: Eh~ of course it is. Back during your debut days wasn't your image udong-like? 
SD: Don't say it. Stop. It's dongchun. 

SY: But here, it says explains the member's characters. 
SD: Yes, yes. It says here that Kai is the "best dancer". We should see it.
Kai: I'll show you some steps of our choreography. (dances the MAMAMAMA part)

{then SD imitates the dance but fails miserably then becomes embarrassed}

SY: Come here. The choreography is fast anyway. Ah yes, the next one. It's quite surprising, Chanyeol-ssi. Your voice does not match your appearance?
Chanyeol: (showing proof of his voice) Hello, I am EXO-K's Chanyeol. I'll be speaking and rapping. We have this song in our mini album called "Two Moons", so I'll do that. 

SD: Is it okay to say this? Although his face does not match his voice, he's still very handsome. 
SY: Very handsome indeed, and he can even rap really well. And isn't Shindong their sunbae? Did their Shindong-sunbae give you any advice? 
Baekhyun: In our company, Shindong-sunbae, since he's so busy, he doesn't really have the time...
SY: Oh so he didn't get to help you?
Baekhyun: No, it's not that... (laughs)
SD: Can I say something? Today is my first time meeting them (laughs) I'm sorry. No, it's because I was too busy, I can't even greet them while at the company. 
SY: How about now?
Baekhyun: Now, he's really nice to us. We're really thankful.

SD: They can sing and dance well too. Now, we go to the next. (chooses) D.O.-ssi. D.O.-ssi, are you okay? D.O.'s surprised! (laughs)
SY: Just try it out one time.
D.O.: I'm EXO-K's D.O. I'll be immitating Oh Kwang Rok-sunbaenim. (Chanyeol laughs beside him) 
Ah~ it's cold(in Oh Kwang Rok's voice imitation). 
SY: Oh, it's good!
SD: Say something about EXO-K in Oh Kwang Rok-sunbaenim's voice.
D.O.: (in Oh Kwang Rok's voice) EXO-K is cool!

SD: I thought he couldn't do it, but he did it quite well! 
So, what kind of song is MAMA?

D.O.: Yes, our title song is MAMA (fangirls scream, probably expecting him to fail again lol), uh, wait, our title song is  MAMA is a song that shows a magnificent orchestra accompanied by a powerful performance. Please anticipate and give lots of love to it. 

(asks EXO-K to prepare for their stage)

EXO-K: Thank you!
SD: There have been many talks about their debut, but so many people came to support them. 
SY: Yes, and truthfully, Hyoyeon said that their stage performance are the best. 
SD: And can I say this here? Lee Soo Man said that their dance for "MAMA" is like praying like this. Please anticipate their stage performance later.

  • Kai: Teleportation, Shinee Taemin’s friend, best dancer
  • Chanyeol: Fire, SNSD’s ‘Genie’ M/V, a voice that is different from his face
  • Suho: Water, leader, good at golf, was a trainee for the longest in EXO-K
  • D.O: Earth, main vocal, king of cooking and organization (tidiness/neatness)
  • Baekhyun: Light, kkap Baekhyun, most anticipated member for variety shows
  • Sehun: Wind, youngest, mayor (o_O?), atmosphere maker
by: Cacaooo

Credits:  kpopidolexo1

Trans: Me

Disclaimer: Please credit when taking out the translations. And I'd also like to apologize for some translation mishaps if ever, since Korean isn't my first language. And in the 2nd video where Bacon got cut off, yes it does suck, but it's just unfortunate that the streamer's stream lagged. BUT OH THE CUTENESS.

EDIT: Added in Bacon's cut parts! (yay!) And a screencap+translations of the cardboard thing for vid#2~
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