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JYP Entertainment files lawsuit against netizen behind malicious Twitter account

Earlier, we reported that JYP Entertainment had threatened legal action against a malicious Twitter account that had been sexually harassing Wonder Girls‘ Sohee through tweets.

It seems JYP Entertainment has followed up on their previous warning for they have indeed filed a lawsuit against the netizen.

The agency revealed on April 17th, “We have determined that the netizen’s words are not to be taken lightly, and thus on April 16th, we filed a lawsuit for contempt and the violation of the law on telecom networks and information protection against ‘A’. On April 17th, we proceeded on with the investigation.”

As mentioned previously, the netizen had left countless mentions on Twitter sexually harassing Sohee. JYP Entertainment had requested for the deletion of his tweets, and had threatened legal action earlier this month.

Source: Allkpop
Tags: court / legal issues, jyp entertainment, netizens

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