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Another IU's Post~

Pre-sale tickets for IU’s ‘Real Fantasy’ concert sell out in 30 minutes

IU demonstrated her popularity once more through the complete sell out of her first ever solo concert, ‘Real Fantasy‘!

Representatives of Loen Entertainment revealed, “Pre-sale went live on APril 17th for the concerts to be held in Seoul, and within 30 minutes, both concert dates totaling to 5,500 seats sold out.”

IU had originally intended for the concert to focus entirely on music and her fans, thus decided to hold smaller concerts in theaters nationwide instead of one big concert at a hall. Although those around her had tried to persuade her from the decision thinking that it would be hard to sell out multiple concerts since she is a solo artist, IU proved that it could work.

Representatives continued, “We’d like to genuinely thank all of the fans for showing such great support for IU’s first concert. We’re going to work hard to prepare a stage that will satisfy everyone looking forward to her concert.”

IU’s concert will kick off in Seoul on June 2nd and 3rd, and then move on to tour six cities nationwide.

Promotional Video

“Hello, I’m IU. Yes everyone, I’m finally having my first solo concert after three years. Woo! Yes, my first solo concert called ‘Real Fantasy’ will start on June 2nd and 3rd at Seoul, before the nationwide tour is planned to move onto 5 other cities. I’m of course, really happy and excited about it. There’s a diverse repertoire prepared to reveal a side of myself you haven’t seen on television broadcasts as well as [to entertain concert-goers around my age] so please look forward to it and be sure to attend! Thank you.”

source: akp1/akp2 (for the translation)/loeniu @ yt
mod, akp doesn't link to the korean news source for the article :/

Updates from various news sources regarding comeback

Mydaily: According to a LOEN representative, single album was being prepared but they are now discussing adding a few more songs. The album will be out in early May.

StarNnews: According to a LOEN representative, the title song has been recorded, while other songs are still in the works. The album will be out in mid-May.

Osen: Rather than an official comeback, this album will be more like a gift for the fans. The album will be out in early May.

source: mydaily/starnnews/osen trans: squishyblob at whi

"Love Is Hooroorook" CF Making

source: nongshimPR@yt

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