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Hello Venus members Yoo Ara and Yunjo almost became members of After School

Hello Venus, known as the sister girl group of After school, members Yoo Ara and Yunjo's history has been a hot topic. On the 18th, it was revealed that Hello Venus members Yoo Ara and Yunjo had prepared to be pre-school girls for After School.

In 2009 After School's agency, Pledis Entertainment, held an audition to "Find the 9th member of After School." In this audition Yoo Ara won first place. Yoo ara participated in the "Happy Pledis" album and with her innocent image and excellent vocal skills, along with being skilled in Japanese, she was picked as the leader of Hello Venus.

For Yunjo, she participated in singing "Dream," a song from After school's first album. With her young image of a middle school girl, she has had many fans since her trainee days.

Pledis Entertainment said, "There were plans of putting these two pretty and talented girls as part of After School. But they had the potential to bring out their charms in a new girl group, so with many thoughts, we decided to put them in Hello Venus."

Along with Yoo Ara and Yunjo, Hello Venus consists of other members Nara, Alice, Ra-im, and Yooyoung. These six members will make their debut early May.

Source: osen & koreaboo
Tags: after school, pre-debut

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