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jung so min hasn't spoken to her father in over 9 years

Actress Jung So Min revealed that she had not spoken to her father in over 9 years.

She was recently a guest on SBS’s Strong Heart where she revealed that her relationship with her father is strained. She surprised everyone by saying,

“I haven’t spoken to my father in about 9 years. He was against me pursuing my dreams of becoming an actress because he wanted me to live a normal life. I was young back then, so naturally I became rebellious. Now that I’m an adult and have succeeded in becoming an actress, I feel regretful for what I did to him especially since he has been waiting for me at the same place ever since.”

Jung So Min‘s confession shocked everyone. Now that she has talked about her strained relationship with her father, maybe she can take the steps needed to fix their relationship.

Source: nate & kpopseven
Tags: actor/actress

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