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Big Bang to greet their fans in 160 countries through MTV’s ‘World Stage’ !!!

Big Bang fans all over the world are in for a special treat.

According to YG Entertainment, Big Bang will be featured on MTV‘s ‘World Stage – Big Bang ALIVE‘ on May 4th. ‘World Stage’ is a program that broadcasts the concert performances of global artists, and the biggest names in music such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga have been featured on the program.
The Big Bang special will include footage of the group performing the songs from their 5th mini-album ‘ALIVE‘, and fans all over the world will get to see the boys perform their new songs “Bad Boy“, “Fantastic Baby“, “Blue“, and more.
Fans will also get to see a more casual side of the boys. An insider from YG Entertainment remarked, “Through a corner titled ‘YG ON AIR’, the members will share their honest thoughts on music, and fans who have been curious to know what the boys are like backstage will get a chance to see that as well.”
In related news, Big Bang will be focusing on their Japan Tour starting next month.

Ssource: allkpop | Dispatch via Nate
those bitches on mtv adria better air it.

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