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4minute brings back 'women power' with Volume Up + more news

4minute has broken nearly two months of dominance by boybands on online music charts by hitting #1 this week.

Online music store Soribada recently revealed that the sexy girl group has topped the boys on their weekly chart (4/9 to 4/15). The girls recently released their mini-album, Volume Up, and the title track has been sweeping the charts across Korea.

Nonetheless, Busker Busker has continued their popularity with their song "Sakura Ending" at the #2 spot, and also taking the #8, #10, #17 and #20 positions on the chart. Girl group SISTAR also came in at #3 on the track with their song "Alone" and another track, "No Mercy" managed to get the #18 spot.

Sources | Nate News | 4MF

4minute turns into biker girls and shows off their barbie doll legs.

In the May issue of Cosmopolitan, 4minute shows off their flawless figures, that they improved during their break from promotions, without any regrets. 4minute's unique personality and upgraded maturity comes out perfectly through the camera.

In the editorial's interview the 4minute members said, "It's been a long time since we've comeback and met our fans so we were nervous and excited."

They also talked about their competition with Sistar, as Sistar member Soyu has spent some of her trainee days with 4minute and more recently Jiyoon and Hyorin have become close through Immortal Song, because the members are very close to each other, they sincerely wish for the best for each other with no worries.

The girl group who wants to stay one of a kind, 4minute's honest interview and photoshoot will be in Cosmopolitan's May issue.

Sources | The Star Chosun | 4MF

4minute has attracted the attention of Chinese fans with their latest comeback. 'Volume Up' has consecutively been the #1 spot on the chart of the largest MV website 'Yinyuetai' in China. The MV of 'Volume Up' from the 3rd mini album, which was revealed on the 9th, gained the top place for the subsequent 5 days, surpassing other popular male idols such as Big Bang and C.N.Blue.

The V Chart of 'Yinyuetai' is affected by the number of views and is divided according to regions - Mainland China, Hong Kong, USA, Japan, South Korea, etc. It is a considerably accurate chart in China which indicates the popularity of songs.

Transforming into cold and sexy goddesses, 4minute came back after a year with a more mature and addictive stage. The intriguing beauty and clean choreography have reinforced the girls' position among girl groups.

Sources | Baidu | 4MF

@4m_kkwonsso: CUBE94 with Ilhoon kekekeke Ilhoon-ah you went too far forward…. kekekeke
@4m_namgg: I doubt your relationship with himㅋ.ㅋWhere are you now?
@4m_kkwonsso: Lol I prefer older men. He is just my best friend~
@4m_namgg: all right…then pass♥

Sources | fyeahborntobeat | @4NIA_ONLY4NIA, @4m_kkwonsso |1 | 2| @4m_namgg | 1 | 2 | 3

Congrats 4minute on your first Volume Up win on MBC Music Show Champion! n.n (first post! so nervous~) IMGUR links fixed! soooo sorry! n.n;;
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