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JYJ Kim Junsu concert’s ticketing starts today (April 19), phone line of ticket selling company was

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Solo comeback of JYJ Kim Junsu is drawing attention.

On April 16, Kim Junsu’s agency – CJeS entertainment announced that he will release his solo album in the upcoming May and later hold a domestic concert and an Asia Tour.

Right after the news about Kim Junsu’s solo album was announced, many showed their high interest through online communities and SNS etc. Many have responded “Is the best finally drawing near”, ” I’m anticipating real power of the idol ranked 1st in best singing ability”, “Xiah Junsu’s album, is this a dream or reality”.

Especially, on April 16 when the news was spread, over 3000 tweets related to Kim Junsu’s solo album were made, related articles also made record with over 100 RTs and received explosive interest.

CJeS official said ” After the annoucement, phone calls asking about ordering keep pouring in. Not only in Korea, many overseas parties want to purchase it too. Once again, we can actually sense his worldwide popularity.”

In addition, the party who is in charge of selling tickets for Kim Junsu’s first concert – Interpark said ” First batch of tickets will be on sale today (April 19) at 8pm. Ever since report about the concert was out, Interpark phone line has been paralyzed and 70~80% of our agents have been handling phone calls related to Kim Junsu’s concert. We already experienced Kim Junsu’s ticket power through reservation for his musical but it never fails to surprise us every single time.”

First batch of tickets for Kim Junsu’s concert will be on sale at 8pm April 19 through Interpark (

Source: Sport Chosun
Translated by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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