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E-Sens receives his sentence for marijuana use

Supreme Team‘s E-Sens has been sentenced to a 1-year-2-month imprisonment and a 2-year probation after being charged with smoking marijuana.

On April 13th, the Seoul Central District Court also sentenced him to 160 hours of community service, 40 hours of drug rehabilitation and lectures, and a fine of about $1900 (2,130,000 WON).

Back in November, E-Sens opened a press conference at Supreme Team’s recording studio in Seoul where he confessed to smoking marijuana.

E-Sens was blindsided when he was taken in by police last September and investigated for marijuana use. Investigators revealed, “For about one year, he smoked marijuana that he obtained from acquaintances around his house.”

Sports Chosun+AKP

I'm really glad Korea treats it's recreational drug users worse than it does it's rapist, murders and child molesters. If he's getting all of this for smoking weed, I want Jaejoong and Yoochun to get jail time for assault.
Tags: crime, drugs, supreme team, wtf
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