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Mi to release her first studio album

Solo vocalist Mi, who rose to fame through her OST feature with 4Men's Shin Yong Jae on Secret Garden, has announced that she'll be releasing her first studio album this month!

Although Mi made her debut in 2007, this will be her first album release five years into her career. For a while now, she's worked closely with the members of 4Men and built a reputation of being 4Men's lady, an honorable nickname for any budding soloist.

Mi expressed, "I'd like to first thank all of my fans for waiting for my album for such a long time. It will be an album that does not disappoint expectations. I'll return the love with active promotions."

Her teaser music video for Beautiful will be released on the 23rd.

Source: osenallkpop

I didn't know how to tag this post at all lol. :/ And yay for another female voice!
Tags: 4men, comebacks

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