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E-Sens gets off the hook for jail time

Supreme Team’s E-Sens, who was charged for smoking marijuana, barely managed to escape serving time in prison.

At the final trial held at the Seoul Central District Court on April 13, E-Sens was sentenced to a year and two months in prison with a two year probation, 160 hours of social service, 40 hours of drug addiction treatment and a fine of 2,133,500 won.

Because it was his first time offense, however, the justice department decided E-Sens would not have to serve the prison sentence and would be on probation instead. A source close to E-Sens told enews on April 19, “We will accept the results, and we will not be appealing against the decision.”

E-Sens was booked without detention for purchasing marijuana five times and smoking it approximately 10 times at his home and in clubs near Hongdae from October 2009 to August 2011.

The case was revealed when E-Sens held a press conference in November 2011, saying, “Driven by impulse and an error in judgment, I did something illegal that negatively impacts society, and I know the truth all too well that no excuse will make it forgivable. I’m sorry to everyone, and compelled by my guilty conscience, I’ve decided to halt my activities.” He is currently holding a time of reflection without taking on any activities.

Source: Enewsworld.mnet.com

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